Intro (Hustle)
I love this life
I love this life

Verse 1 (Kill)
One of those days happened to me today
The mess was made, I spilled the paint all over your pavement
Can't tell me when the last bill was sent or where it went
It made 'em scream, it made 'em leave me alone

PreChorus (Kill)
I stretched my neck out looking for answers
I dodged a bullet cuz I'm a dancer
I asked to see him, whoever he is
But they told me that he's dangerous, young & famous

Chorus (Hustle) 2x
Nobody told me how
Nobody told me why
I had to do it my own way
But that's what I love about life

Verse 2 (Hustle)
I grew up on both sides of the train tracks
You could flip a coin, that's where I 'm raised at
Lay my thoughts down and then I play it back
I got the gift from God and then I gave it back
If I don't have nothin' you can never take that
Derelicts takin' aim, but what they aimin' at?
The target on my back?  These biddies on my lap?
I'm hater-proof hustle all day, where I'm at that's a fact

Chorus (Hustle) 

Break (Hustle)
Young & Famous (repeated)

PreChorus (Kill)

Chorus (Hustle)

Outro (Hustle) (repeated)
I love this life