Verse 1 (Bailey)
I’m taking this opportunity
To clear this mess out of head
This blood out of my lungs
I need to dig holes
To bury the dead
 Look at yourself in the mirror
And tell me what a man is without pride
Tell my what a man is without fire in his eyes
Tell me who the fuck you are

Chorus (Bailey) (These 2 lines repeated)
Fuck the bottom I belong at the top
I gotta get up

Verse 2 (Bailey)
I’m so fucking sick
Of everyone’s lack of honor
I’m so sick
Of everyone’s willingness to settle
Why is no one prepared to die for anything?

B Section (Hustle & Bailey)

I won’t wait til I die – oh oh – oh oh

I don’t need a reason
One more time
I don’t need to think about it
One more time
I’m gonna stand right the fuck here
One more time
And take these to my fucking chest
One more time

PreChorus (Bailey)
They try and hold me back x6
Try and hold me back
Try and hold me back

PreChorus & Chorus (Bailey)

Bridge (Hustle)
I don’t think you realize
I am going sky high
Nothings gonna
Keep my feet on the ground

Chorus Breakdown