Verse 1 (Hustle)
This is my single - My single thought
My single promise - And if I'm being honest
It's this simple knowledge
That keeps my mission climbing
I didn't go to school, I went to street college
I became a fucking man, and now I'm paying homage
To my alma mater, and my grandmamma
Cuz my pride & honor kept my head above the fucking water
And some people saying, "why bother?"
Cuz their fucking dream died?
Why shouldn’t mine live?
Never been a kid, always on some grown shit
Fuck it, I only listen to my own shit
My mission all day, my way
I own this

Break 1 (Hustle)
They told me it was a pipe dream
And I was like, Fuck you

Chorus (Kill) 2x
I won't be a target
If you want a war than start it
I'm a smoking gun
I'm a smoking gun

Verse 2 (Hustle)
I'm Charley Hustle, getting my Pete fucking Rose on
I never trip, never slip, never go wrong
I run...
Til I can't catch my breath
And my legs can’t stand up
And my hearts close to death
I push passion out the speakers
Cuz the truth is you haters hate believers
So fuck 'em, I'm gonna take what's mine
Move like a king, no regrets tonight, alright?

B Section (Kill)
I believe regret is the ghost that haunts
Failure is the angel that guides you home

Break 2 (Hustle)
So what if people don't believe in you
It's not their job to believe in you
Fuck outta here

Chrous (Kill) 2x

Break 3 (Kill)
I been doin' this shit for ten years
From the day I turned twenty
Now my hair's falling out, and I got wrinkles in my face
And all my clothes stick and barely fit
But I woke up this morning, and barrowed a car to drive to New York City
Because I got friends and relatives droppin' dead every spring and fall
And I know one day I'm gonna be takin' the same trip
And if I didn't leave you something to remember me by
I woulda just gone away like so many leaves down the river
But I didn't!

Chorus (Kill) 4x