Chorus (Hustle)
I work harder than anybody knows
And I've lost touch with everybody close to me
But I won't stop, no
I won't stop, no
I won't stop, no
I can't stop

Verse 1 (Bailey)
Ok, so you've never heard of me?
I'm the reason that you've ever done anything creatively
You sound ridiculous
It's Rob fucking Bailey in this bitch
Stop crying about your blood and your sweat
Quit talking about things you haven't done yet
Are you done yet? Do you need a sec?
Catch your breath I haven't even started yet
I just want you to know that I'm aware
And I think everybody else is too
It's been a few years, but I'm well fed
Check my pedigree I'm well bred
Ship captain; Mine shaft; Farming til your hands bled
Like J. Henry hittin' spikes til I'm dead
Let's take a break before the chorus and let that sink in

Chorus (Hustle)

Verse 2 (Hustle)
Yeah, and you should be a little jealous
At least that's what all these instant messages tell us
Well, I guess it's on to the next one
Mama said be the best so I am the best one
We invented this shit
Waited my whole life to say I invented some shit
Never got a hand out, blue-collar's in me
Blue on the outside, cut me open blue blood comes out me
And I doubt I bleed red
Zombie mentality, work passed dead
And I'm hard in the head
Brick walls couldn't stop a mother fucker
I'm going all out

Verse 2 B (Bailey)
No seeds, no water, no dirt
From the concrete I made it work
Foundation: birth of an empire
I am the brimstone, I am the fire
I am the ruuugh, I am the blueprint
I am the master you are the student
So here's your first lesson
Quit trying to be me!

Chorus (Hustle)