Intro (Hustle)

You gotta know what you want to do
You gotta dedicate yourself to it
You gotta wake up thinking about it
Go to work thinking about it
Go to bed thinking about it
You gotta dream about it

Verse 1 (Hustle)
I put my life on this - Hand to God
Other hand on my chest - I like these odds
I don’t play by the rules - No one does
I butter both sides of my toast, lil punk, just because

PreChorus 1 (Kill)
You chase the golden arrow
And watch the archer's mark up in the sky
Don't think these simple favors
Will let you back track straight to simple times

Break (Hustle)
You gotta know like you know gravity
That this is what's gonna happen in your life
First, it's a dream - Then you take action
And then you dominate

Chorus (Kill)
Hard up times, hard up money
Watch your smile, ain’t a damn thing funny, boy
Not a damn thing funny, boy
Cut my teeth throwing rocks in the street
You might know my name, but you don't know me, boy
No you don't know these boys

Verse 2 (Hustle)
Promise I'll never quit - Never say "die"
Never let my heart see better than my eyes
Put my feet on the edge - Thousand foot drop
That's how it feels when your looking down from the top

PreChorus 2 (Kill)
Last words don't turn men to
Hell-fighting, blood-thirsty demons overnight
It takes a generation of
Square-jawed hammerheads to change these city lights

Break 2 (Hustle)
I'm not saying it's easy - You gotta work for this
You gotta be persistent - You gotta be dedicated
But why shouldn't it be that way...
If your life's gonna be better than everyone else's

Chorus (Kill)

Rap (Hustle)
No more time, no more chips, everybody place your bets
Chicken dinner, no regrets
Mama said, "he did the best he could"
The opposite of what he should be
Grab my girl, call the lawyer
Uncle Hustle got something for ya
No one cares, it's all the same
I do this for the love of the game
I'm not Drake, fuck the fame
I keep my money, you can make it rain
And we all take risks, that's my crew
Nobody tells us what to do, we made this happen
Never through, we're gone

Chorus (Kill)

Outro (Hustle)
I put my life on this - Hand to God
Other hand on my chest - I like these odds
I like these odds